Silken Prey

Silken Prey - John Sandford Right now, I think Sandford's Davenport series is one of my faves. Davenport is smart and slightly dangerous-a more sociable version of Reacher, if you will.

This episode shows Davenport exploring a political smear campaign that quickly turns into a murder investigation. As per the case, there are multiple bodies before the end is revealed, however Davenport isn't personally responsible for any of this bodies, which just maybe a first.

The mystery is straight forward-we are just waiting for Davenport to put all the pieces together-but tight. The inclusion of painter/hacker Kidd and his wife was interesting and I've moved the Kidd novels higher up on my list of things to read.

Solid, tightly woven mystery that had me up till dawn with Davenport. If you like mysteries, you have to give this series a shot.